Ware Malcomb Logo

The corporate logo for Ware Malcomb has evolved significantly over the years. The original design featured a subtle beige base color and delicate lettering, making it challenging for the logo to stand out in the competitive architecture brand logos. The first revision, introduced in 2012, aimed to enhance the logo’s visibility. Since the original Electra font couldn’t simply be made bold, I took the initiative to craft a custom font, adding unique details to the logo mark. These enhancements included connecting the “A & R” and aligning the “MAL” letters at the baseline. Additionally, we transitioned the original beige color to a much richer and deeper shade of brown.

The most recent revision continued the quest for greater prominence. Not only did it make the logo even thicker, but it also transformed the brand color from brown to a striking dark grey, further enhancing the logo’s contrast and visibility. Additional refinements were made, such as removing the central serif in the “W” and connecting the “M & B” at the baseline. These changes have resulted in a new version of the logo that stands out distinctly from its previous iterations.